Apache Tears

These Apache Tears in Perlite Matrix  measures 3 3/4 x 3 inches. This item ships free anywhere in the continental USA.

Indian Legend: In the early days of the Old West, the American Army patrolled the territory to control the marauding Apaches, and in one engagement, made contact with a band of Apache warriors in central Arizona. In the ensuing battle, a large number of Apache braves were killed. Their squaws, coming to the scene after the battle to mourn their dead warriors, shed tears which were turned to stone.--Apache Tears.


Scientific Theory: Apache Tears were formed by nature millions of years ago when the earth was in a constant state of disturbance. In some areas, the active volcanoes would throw out great masses of molten mineral we call perlite. The intense heat from the volcano condensed the humid air causing rain, and as each drop touched the hot, molten Perlite, the action of the cooler drop of moisutre on the hot mineral formed a volcanic glass nodule. Layer upon layer of Perlite built up, enclosing these glass nodules, and so we find imbedded in Perlite beds.--Apache Tears.

Apache Tears
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